Shipping Policy

Our online pharmacy store is offering when anyone is purchasing medication at a least cost. We handle medicines to the require doorstep with 24-hour delivery in the USA. But, all-time delivery is possible for some limited locations not all areas of the USA. If you place an order from and our store is known for its on-time medicine delivery service promise. We assure you that in normal case they will be no delay while arranging medicine for you.

But, in some conditions, the situation may differ and we take the help of local delivery services like FedEx, USPS (United States Postal Service). Our trustful partners who are in regular touch with us offer medicine throughout all locations in the USA. Our store understands that for any patient medication must reach on time as early as possible. To reduce the delivery issues we are ready to give medicine at any time so user has to wait for long durations.

One can place an order from any corners of the USA (United States of America) but late-night delivery is presumable to some limited locations. Shipping time for your order may depend on the location from where you have ordered and where you need actually. Even though, we are capable of delivering medicines within 4 to 7 days. But, do not include any special holidays and weekends. We makes sure shipping the medicine order one can surely trace their medication order when it is in the shipping process without delivery.

Once, if anyone makes an order successful by logging into our website then one can acquire all important details related to the order on email id. You can log in to our lawful website which shows the tracking number though which one can know where the medicine is now and the delivery status after the medicine is given to you completely, We offer the facility to make a smooth purchase of the drug for any willing customer who needs medicine. After providing all detail regarding shipping still, if you have some problems kindly contact us through mail id Our group will answer to you inside 48 to 72 hours.

We request you go through the shipping policy before making any medication purchase.