Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Ans – Our standard website is usablinkhealthstore.

Why do our online pharmacy stores take your data?

Ans – User comments

  • If any willing visitor comes on our website and mentions comments that suit them according to their own experience. We have an experienced team who watches user comments. Moreover, this team focuses on IP addresses, and string browsers to get the exact details of spam traces.


  • If possible keep embedded location data (EXIF GPS) aside when you are using images from our website. It offers customers to get all images only they have to download images.


  • When the user approaches our online pharmacy store using our authentic website usablinkhealthstore they must fill in details like name, email id, reasons to visit, and website cookies. This is necessary because if the same user reaches our website again for inquiring or purchasing any medication from our internet-based store he/she should not give basic details again on our website.
  • We also offer temporary cookies if anyone approaches on login page through our lawful website. It will not save all your information and we you go out from a website.
  • This website gives and saves 2nd cookies for future use if one is mentioning some other details apart from what details they gave earlier like publishing and editing.

Who is correct to share your data and why?

Ans – Your data is a trust for us and our store does not support allocating your personal information with any third party or person. Privacy with us gives more trust-building among customers. But, if someone reaches our site to make a password reset request then the IP address includes in the reset password of the email id.

Till how long duration do we store the client’s data?

Ans – Meta descriptions and comments mentioned by any visitor are stored for an indefinite time. It is the route to determine and support follow-up comments instead of focusing them in series.

Where the customer’s information sends?

Ans – Any willing buyer comments are checked using ASDS (automated spam detection service).

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